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When is the best time to transplant a peony from a pot into the ground? I know they don't like to be disturbed but it didn't do very well in a pot last year so now have found it a spot in the garden. Not expecting any blooms this year. Thanks



I would wait until the middle of April when frosts should be over. Make sure to only plant at the same depth as they don't like to be planted too deep. I wouldn't feed until after flowering, and then with someting like Q4 but sparingly.

25 Mar, 2023


As it is in a pot and I assume it has been outside it can go in any time now. We still get frosts at the end of May so it is better in the ground now.
I have planted out 2 in the last week. The rain is helping them settle in.

I agree with Jimmy about them not being too deep.

25 Mar, 2023


Thank to you both. It is in a pot but have kept it in cold frame over winter so will wait till after risk of frost has gone.

25 Mar, 2023

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