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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

After many years trying I think I’ve at last managed to grow a blackberry cutting from our establiished plant. See below what do you think ? The tallest is 1 ft tall.




Certainly looks as if it has enough of a root system to support it. fingers crossed. water it in dry spells though.

25 Mar, 2023


Thanks S, will look after them, have been trying to grow them for years and this is the first time I ( may) have succeeeded.

25 Mar, 2023


Congratulations Hank, hope I'm not teaching you about egg sucking, but the easiest way to grow blackberry or similar cuttings is by tip layering, dead easy, just peg or secure a growing tip to the ground and it will root itself

26 Mar, 2023


Took the words from my mouth 'grandad! My problem is trying to stop them rooting...

29 Mar, 2023


Please explain tip layering.

30 Mar, 2023


Hank, tip layering is explained in the link I gave from the Royal horticultural society, there is a "how to" there, plus I expect loads on YouTube


31 Mar, 2023


Thanks all

6 Apr, 2023

How do I say thanks?

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