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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

I’m having trouble getting a decent Compost .Bought 3 bags for £12 from local garden centre & having to sieve as ‘the rubbish’ in it ,pieces of wood , lumps & shavings .Very time consuming. Seems to be a normal thing now as have other reports about same issue ( Cambridgeshire) ALSO is anyone planting seeds yet in their garden ie Carrots



I bought 3 bags for £12 this morning, on offer in S'burys supermarket. It's Levingtons peat free and seems fine.

25 Mar, 2023


Unfortunely this what you are going to get with peat-free and some of the cheaper composts. I still buy Miraclegrow Premium peat-based and even have to sift that rather than buy seed compost. Last year I bought compost from Aldi which was peat-based with seaweed which was good stuff but this year it's peat-free and not so good. As regards sowing outdoors; sometimes it's better to wait a while before sowing as the soil warms up and the seedlings will germinate quicker and grow on without a check.

25 Mar, 2023


Thanks for Shirley & Jimmy’s reply’s

25 Mar, 2023


Even Jack's Magic has to be sieved to removed stones and lumps of wood and that used to be the best.
Wish I could afford the Melcourt stuff, but that is way beyond my means.

25 Mar, 2023


I have Jack’s Magic and it seems fine … so far.

26 Mar, 2023


I get Durstons peat-free from the milkman as I refuse to have a car. Yes it's bits of sticks in it (never stones) but I just don't mind. If I need seed compost I can sieve it or buy seed compost. I'm probably not a good gardener but I don't see the problem. I only grow veg in pots and they've been as good as expected. but I can see why it would be a problem with some root veg.

1 Apr, 2023

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