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I’ve inherited a mature Ceanothus with a nice circular paved area beneath. Sadly, we can’t sit there during the summer because there is so much dry gritty stuff that drops from the tree, even the fence is covered with the mess. Does anyone know what I can do to be able to sit under it without having stuff drop in my hair? I do cut lower parts of it back regularly.



I was waiting to see if any one could suggest something.
the only thing I will suggest is that you use a broom and shake the shrub to dislodge any loose stuff before sitting down. This is the problem with evergreens, they shed dead bits all year.

31 Mar, 2023


Thank you SBG but its a mature tree not a shrub so brushing it off with a broom can be a bit dicey. I'll do what I can though because I hadn't thought of doing that!

31 Mar, 2023


I've not come across a Ceanothus tree Arbuthnot - how tall is it? Mine is old and on its last legs but it never exceeded about 5 feet. It must be lovely!

31 Mar, 2023


It is lovely, the blue blossoms in spring are a sight to see. How tall is it? 15ft or so. It's been in the garden for at least 20 years I think. The house was built in the 80's so it may have been here even longer than 20 years.

4 Apr, 2023

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