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Went with a friend today to a local GC and we had a great time (I'll blog about that tomorrow). We were checking out herbs (and I know my friend bought one of these herbs; not sure if I decided against and it's dark outside so can't check) was a curry herb. Now neither of us can rid ourselves of the smell...any suggestions?



Try washing your hands with lemon juice when we go for a curry at our local Indian restaurant we get warm towels at the end of our meal with lemon juice on and that seems to get rid of the smell I know it’s different to a curry herb plant but I suppose its worth a try.

7 Oct, 2010


Will give it a go....have to get some lemons first...ta Steve.

7 Oct, 2010


I wonder if stainless steel will work, like it does for garlic? I always wash my hands with soap and rub a stainless steel ladle at the same time, gets rid of the garlic scent from your hands, no idea if it'll work for this though.

8 Oct, 2010


Well, Bamboo...that's certainly one I've never run across before...I'm intrigued and off to try it now! Thank you...the smell still lingers; just can't understand it!

On a happy note...when planting up my newly-purchased herbs today I found I had not bought the curry one...whew!

8 Oct, 2010


You can buy an oval, tablet shaped stainless steel block specially for washing your hands to neutralise garlic.

8 Oct, 2010


I'm amazed at the tips you can find on GOY...I think I've discovered the culprit. I am wearing the same t-shirt I had on yesterday as I was going to be in the garden today (why put on a clean one, says I). Guess where most of the smell was coming from....the top of my t-shirt!

Tried what you said, Bamboo (pre-the t-shirt discovery) and used a stainless slotted spoon. I'll look into the stainless steel block....a new one on me. Ta.

8 Oct, 2010


I keep ferrets, and they cover up any strange smell with their own particular perfume. I just rub one of them on me to disguise any unwanted scent! Phil J

8 Oct, 2010


Hmm, Phil, not sure what's worse, ferret or curry...

9 Oct, 2010

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