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Identification please Hi all this sping my friend has these popping up in her boarders

N/E Lincolnshire , United Kingdom Gb

Identification please
Hi all this spring my friend has these popping up in her boarders, ive seen them before but not sure what they are called, any help as always in graciously received

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They are purple toadflax. Linarea purpurea. A nice tall slender plant but they do take over. There is a pale pink form too.

4 Apr, 2023


The bees adore them in my garden, that's why I have them but yes, they do spread!

4 Apr, 2023


Thanks so much seaburngirl and cammomile, it looks like its personal preference as to wether its a weed, im always suspicious of things that just appear, will leave the final decision to my friend as to how we treat it,
Thanks again for the fantastic identification as always

4 Apr, 2023


why not leave just 1 or 2 plants and then dead head when they have finished flowering. As Cammomile said it is excellent for pollinators.

4 Apr, 2023


wish they would spread in my garden monkey, i love them.

5 Apr, 2023

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