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Hi everyone could someone tell me what is wrong with my Rhododendrum please.

I bought two of the same a few years ago and they have been doing well. However this one appears to be wiltering and has turned a lighter colour. Not sure whether to give it a feed or apply more eracious compost. I previously had to dig in a ton of it as have alkaline soil here.




A friend has several that are like this and he reckons it is due to the heat and dryness last year.
yours is very close to the wall so it wont get as much water as it should. Is the other one more in the open?

16 Apr, 2023


I would say that Eileen could be right. Firstly, does the other one that is in the open look the same? If that is the case then it's down to the very cold winter. Otherwise the fact that it's been planted so near to the wall, it's been competing with the shelter and the foundations for moisture in the summer. I would leave it alone for a while before thinking of feeding, moving or getting rid.

16 Apr, 2023


The other Rhododendrum is in the same location and is perfect.

17 Apr, 2023


there may be less rain or more sun for just a short while that would explain it. Perhaps more drainage/rubble makes it less wet.

I find along the wall of our house the conditions vary quite a lot.

18 Apr, 2023

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