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What is happening to my Tibouchina?
The leaves are starting to develope these crystalline growths. The only explanation that I can think of is that it doesn't like tap water, as I can find no sign of bug attack.
Thanks for looking.

On plant Tibouchina urvilleana




You may be right, and the plant is getting rid of toxins in its sap, by exuding them out throught the leaf stomata (pores). Try using rainwater instead, as there's usually plenty of that about! See what hapens and report back (private message, if you like). Phil J

8 Oct, 2010


Thanks Philjeffs! Just as the weather turns nice too!

8 Oct, 2010


Sometimes excess fertilizer will do that, too!

9 Oct, 2010


Thanks Tugbrethil. I'm ashamed to say that it's unlikely in this particular instance though.

9 Oct, 2010 least too little feeding rarely kills plants! : )

9 Oct, 2010


I'm embarrassed! Promise to feed it come spring!
Do they like lots of water when in bloom?

9 Oct, 2010


They like regular water all the time, but the detest boggy conditions. I would water it when the top 1/2 cm of soil is dry. Phil J is also right about the kind of water to use.

9 Oct, 2010

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