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I am looking for a shrub or tree which tolerates wet soil. So far I am thinking of some kind of willow but I would appreciate another suggestions.



Alder like damp conditions as do birch. as for ornamentals not really sure.

This is the RHS link and there are a list of trees.

1 May, 2023


Halesia like damp soil.

1 May, 2023


Cornus alba 'Sibirica' the Dogwoods (several varieties with coloured stems) seem to enjoy it even in almost swampy conditions. Good winter interest too.

1 May, 2023


That was a well-timed question! We were just considering whether our dogwood would be happy in the damp bottom of the garden! It is Cornus alba Sibirica so off it goes down there now.....

1 May, 2023

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