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Does anyone know what this is? It’s growing like a prairie grass and has fairly stiff leaves with a point at the end. Since it’s growing at the very front of the border I don’t think I planted it but I do have a rotten memory so anything is possible! I like grasses but on my terms because they seed too easily and have deep, tight roots so I’d like to remove it soon. If it is a grass.

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do you have a bird feeder near it? I often find clumps of cereals growing when squirrels raid the feeders and bury seed.

I suspect it is several plants growing as you'd have noticed such a large clump last year.

7 May, 2023


This morning I dug up the “grass”. I was very surprised to find at least twenty small bulbs or corms in a clump underneath with the long ‘leaves’ attached to each one. That definitely wasn’t me because I would have spread them all out when planting. I’m now wondering whether it was seeds from pigeon droppings (we get a lot) that had developed into bulbs. I’ve split the clump into three and planted each of them. So the mystery deepens! Watch this space.

8 May, 2023


I wonder if that was the swollen seed rather than cormlets. Have you had Gladioli in there? such as the slimmer ones like Nana?

9 May, 2023


No Gladioli and feeders not near. The definitely looked like small bulbs though It's a case of wait and see I think.

12 May, 2023


Thank you all. However, I think I’ve discovered what it is - Knifphofia. But I didn’t plant it there! Maybe it was the stone gnome nearby who is the culprit! It will be interesting to see what type of flowers I’ll get, if any.

19 May, 2023

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