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Good afternoon, an insect query. Any ideas.. I have found 4 insects on a rose tree which I have never ever seen before. they look like a fly with a yellow underneath, are just under 1cm long, slim, they didn't move when I touched them. any ideas what they could be on my description ? I am also wondering if they are good or bad for the rose tree :) thanks for reading



The description will give an id of several types. Most flies will not be a problem. Could they have been hoverflies?

If you put flies with yellow abdomen into a search engine like google images yu may find a match.

27 May, 2023


Thanks Seaburngirl, I shall do that, thanks

28 May, 2023


I have recetly noticed something new in the garden, similar to hovverflies and they didn't move when touched. After a search I found them to be a Wasp Beetles so might be worth a look.

28 May, 2023

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