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My cyclamen are suffering from the heat and have lost their leaves see pic do I leave them as they are or do I cover them with compost I would appreciate any advice

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I would leave them. Chances are that those seed pods will ripen and disperse the seeds and they will hopefully germinate and then they will come up like weeds.

12 Jun, 2023


Thankyou Jimmy I dont mind how many cyclamen I have I love them

12 Jun, 2023


Mine always loose their leaves in the summer, they come back in the autumn after the flowers finish.

12 Jun, 2023


Have the same here.

13 Jun, 2023


Once those seed pods begin to split, it may be worth collecting the seeds and sowing them away from the mother plant. Otherwise you end up with hundreds of cyclamen in a mass round the original corm. Unless you have lots of ants which are big enough to move the seeds for you. Ants love the sticky coating on Cyclamen seeds.

13 Jun, 2023


thankyou all for your help - I am hoping to be able to manage my cyclamen and move them into other parts of the garden - have a good day -Jane

13 Jun, 2023

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