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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Well that posted so my astilbe has burned and crisp should I cut it back or leave it to recover shame really as it didn’t even get to flower due to extreme sun on it thank you .




I would remove the crispy leaves and give it a real good soaking to encourage new growth.

17 Jun, 2023


I agree a really good soaking for new growth from the base. If you are still forecast for uninterrupted sun I'd leave the crispy leaves as protection for any new/green growth.

No consolation but mine looks the same!

17 Jun, 2023


Its still got plenty of green. They do like moisture so like a lot of other things it will have struggled lately. It will be fine - just don't let it get too dry for a while.

17 Jun, 2023


Thank you all yes it hasn’t enough water I know so will pull the hose around this evening it’s quite a distance around to my front garden and have just no felt up to doing it the heat 😕 but a bit cooler today .

17 Jun, 2023

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