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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

What do you guys and gals reckon to the latest method of planting toms very deep, thus giving them 2 roots ?



I've always done this for over thirty years, so not sure how "new" it is, however they do make fresh roots from the buried stems, so it's not a problem with rotting or anything

I have not done a comparison trial though, so not scientific except basic stuff, like more roots must be better?

24 Jun, 2023


Its not new Hank. its been recommended practice for a long time. How's the rhubarb doing in all this dry weather? Mine is pathetic because i haven't been able to water it.I'm hoping the recent wet day will have helped. Alas. my gooseberry has died. I asked the chap who is supposed to be a gardener to prune it in February and I gave him a photocopy of a page from a book showing him exactly where to cut. But he ignored it and just shortened everything so no not only do I have no fruit but I have no bush and will have to start again. The fruit should have been just beginning to ripen about now. Not being able to look after the garden myself lately is the most frustrating thing.
Gooseberries in early July have been part of my life ever since i can remember (missing a few years when i left home for work)
Enough moaning, how are you managing - family still helping?

24 Jun, 2023


I’d really liked to try the deep rooted method but am more or less housebound just now. I have a problem with my balance and fall over regularly, ofter ending up in hospital.
So my son who usually just grows flowers is now into veg and his 6 greenhouse plants have over 50 tomatoes on them. Trouble is he doesn’t like to be given advice !
So I spend most of my time sitting in my porch just looking at the back garden wishing I could get out there and get stuck in.

24 Jun, 2023


Stera & Hank, sorry to hear of your problems, I can relate to falling over Hank, been there & done that as they say, so my gardening is now only from upright position otherwise I'm tumbling head first into the flowers

Stera I can confirm gooseberries are just ripening, mine are just softening up
Perhaps try & train the gooseberry next time? I have mine sort of standard with gooseberries at the top
Pruning is a doddle, just trim back the side shoots and nip out wayward growth this time of year

I read about trying as standard and gave it a go, doesn't need to be Chelsea Standard, just a fruiting stick with the berries at shoulder or head height

25 Jun, 2023


Oh, how I empathise with the balance problem! I can still just about manage in the flower borders as long as I have something to hold on to (a strategically placed small obelisk is a godsend) but there's been a few occasions when I've straddled a border only to find I can't get back again without risk of going A over T! Then I have to call for help and hope my hard of hearing husband hears me! I also have to bend from the waist to garden as backache ensues. I can't kneel for more than a minute or two, getting up is very painful even when I can manage it, plus bad knees don't allow me to crouch. It's really great being old, isn't it? There are so many things I want to do in the garden least we're all still here though.

This is such a good gardening website and I'm grateful for all the advice I've had and will (hopefully) have.

26 Jun, 2023


Arb - and others! I’n almost identical to you, the other day I tried to do a semi-squat between. 2 raised beds and fell backwards into the one behind me which was saturated after a thunderstorm.
And my son had gone shopping so I just lay there on my back for half an hour.

27 Jun, 2023


Oh dear, that balance problem! Walking is okay because I use a rollator but the minute I try to walk "solo" the wobble is scary. Recently I have been exploring the internet for help and have found a load of brilliant and simple exercises for seniors to help improve balance. If you haven't tried that I highly recommend it.

My 103 year old neighbour used to say "Old age never comes alone" and boy was she right!

I have just had to reregister on here so am now Cestina1 instead of cestina......oh pish now I have to find a new photo, or try to retrieve the old one.

2 Jul, 2023

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