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By Ange2

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

I was a fool to plant this alstro. It was sold as a red one but I realise it is the orange thug. It is romping through the border despite digging lots out.
Any suggestions about how to erdicate it once and for all??




I have never grown them..are they fond of clay soil?
They say to either use weedkiller or use black polythene pinned down after the plant is cut down...apparently the roots are very robust and impede plants nearby.

30 Jun, 2023


I have others, Meadow, but this one is a real spreader.

30 Jun, 2023


Oh dear … I sympathise, but don’t know a solution … sorry.

1 Jul, 2023


How about the good old devils mix of vinegar, washing up liquid and some salt for good measure and spray every time a new shoot comes up. It will weaken the plants and hopefully kill them eventually. Or keep mowing them, same effect. If you haven't tried all that yet. And then there's weedkiller...
My nasty is bindweed, can't get rid of the stuff! So much for my good advice ;)

2 Jul, 2023


Thanks all. OH dug loads out and I think we shall have to resort to weedkiller as it reappears, sadly.

3 Jul, 2023


I have the same problem Ange. I cannot use any weed killer as it is growing in the roots or very close of another plants I want to keep. It is everywhere.
So far a do not know how to deal with it. I did not plant it . Must have inherited it.

5 Jul, 2023


Well, Klahanie, it's even mor annoying to know you have planted this thug when you expected it to be a red one! All my named ones are very well behaved..

5 Jul, 2023

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