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Does anyone have a name for this please, found on a chilli plant in my greenhouse. Thanks.

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Top view looks like a Garden tiger moth.

3 Jul, 2023


It looks like a Jersey Tiger. I guess they don’t have to stay in the Channel Islands. I’ve never seen one though. It’s a lovely moth.

3 Jul, 2023


I'd go jersey Tiger as the cream markings are more stripy than the garden tiger.
lovely moth.

3 Jul, 2023


Getting a bit far north in Berkshire though.

4 Jul, 2023


Thanks all. After checking it out online it would seem it's a Jersey Tiger moth as you say ladies. It also says they have been recorded in Sussex, Kent, Isle of Wight and around London so that's me. In fact so me, that when ulez comes it's 100 yards away if I turn right out of my lane. This part of the village was only changed in 1993 from Staines Council which is Middlesex to Berkshire, with boundary changes.

4 Jul, 2023


Whats ulez please?

4 Jul, 2023


Sorry Steragram, I just assumed everyone knew as it's on the news all the time. Ultra low emission zone. Mayor of London has expanded it to cover all of greater London as well, which is 100 yards from me and of course includes Heathrow in front of me. If your vehicle isn't compliant it's £12-50 a day which means I wouldn't be able to see my sister who lives a mile away, or go to local shops, or cemetery for my mum and lots of other things we take for granted. It does make me laugh though, he says it's to stop the pollution but no one mentions the planes here or their emissions.
Sorry that reply doesn't involve gardening.

4 Jul, 2023


Your reply is certainly an eye-opener though! I had never heard of ulez either and certainly wouldn't have realised that it could cause so much disruption to people's normal lives!

6 Jul, 2023

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