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Is this Lonicera 'Baggesen's Gold' on the way out? It is ten years old, has been sheared into shape but was recently pruned with a cordless trimmer. The top and one side are now showing a lot of brown patches.

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Dsc02880side_of_browning Dsc02882top_browning



Does the dead stuff come from just one or two branches? Trace it back and cut the dead bit out. is there are dark ring in the cut stem? This would suggest a fugal/bacterial problem.

Not sure if it is on its way out but they are usually very hardy plants.

26 Jul, 2023


Thanks ladies, I shall take a look later and report back!

26 Jul, 2023


You might at the same time take out all the green parts. As there is such a lot doing it in several stages might be wise, and take a few cuttings justin case.When a variegated plant starts reverting the plain green will get to dominate and in time will slowly turn the whole plant green. Use secateurs to make sure you leave all the variegated parts. It may take you several sessions several weeks apart. If it spoils the look of the shrub that will only be temporary and it would be worth it in the long run to preserve the variegation.

26 Jul, 2023


Stera, there is now very little left of it after my very severe pruning! Methinks a new, different shrub may well take the place of it.

27 Jul, 2023


Ah well,, you win some, you lose some...

27 Jul, 2023


I am pleased to report back and say this has grown back really well. It needs to grow taller before I can shape it.

16 Feb, 2024


excellent news Shirley. They do tend to be tough little beggars.

16 Feb, 2024


Eileen, this one certainly is! I am chuffed to see it has regrown and looks healthy again.

17 Feb, 2024

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