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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

My son just came in from the greenhouse, tells me he’s found blossom end rot on a couple of his tomatoes. He says he’s bought calcium to treat it. Is he right ? Is there anything better he can do ?



Yes Hank, best thing you can do. I just crushed up a bit of white blackboard chalk I happened to have and sprinkled it on. Worked like charm and very cheap too, especially if you've got a bit of chalk already!

26 Jul, 2023


I agree with Sue but I also have problems with blossom end rot for the first time this year. I have given the tomatoes in my greenhouse several doses of lime but I wonder if the problem is the high temperatures and drying out of the soil that have caused the problem. I do also wonder if some varieties cope better than others.

27 Jul, 2023


Possibly all those, but its no trouble just to pop on a bit of chalk - once is enough. Try it if using pure lime didn't do the job.

27 Jul, 2023


Thanks Sue, but SPrinkle on exactly where? the toms ? The soil beneath ? I’m sure everyone else knows where you mean but sadly I don’t. But the good news is I have plenty of chalk.

27 Jul, 2023


The soil around the plants Hank. I used the equivalent of about a quarter of a stick of chalk per plant crushed and watered in.It can't be critical. it worked very quickly.

27 Jul, 2023


Thanks Sue, I thogght that was it but not certain. Have passed it onto son. No more black bottoms yet.

28 Jul, 2023

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