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Any ideas for a tall perennial for a shady, dry ish border? Looking for something to put in back of border, doesn’t have to flower but instead have interesting foliage? Was thinking rodgersia but they like damp feet. Have to admit it’s for less tended part of garden by the garden shed. Have already got astrantia, foxgloves, euphorbia, persicaria and fringe cups. Any suggestions gratefully received.




There are some asters that tolerate shade. Better behaved Jap anenomes Honeria Jobert [?] white flowers.
Some of the taller ferns I have Woodwardia fimbriata and it gows abourt 1-1.5 m tall.

3 Sep, 2023


Ams,this year I bought a very pretty Aster,3 -4ft suitable for back of border...the flowers are so very pretty,tiny and like stars.Symphotrychum novi-belgii Vasterival.Sarah Raven sells it!

3 Sep, 2023


Meadowland, I just looked your suggestion up and it is
Indeed very pretty. It does say ‘full sun’ and this is a shady corner so not sure?

Seaburngirl , funny you should suggest japanese anemone as I’ve just pulled some white ones and transplanted them to the spot! I will have to wait and see if they take. I like your suggestion of the fern but it’s too dry an have tried several there.

3 Sep, 2023

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