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Plant Id please




I bought 6 of these last year to fill in gaps. This year they have come up everywhere & I’m hoping they’ll do likewise next year. Easy to get rid of if there are too many. I had to re log in to get the photo up, with password etc.

4 Sep, 2023


Doronicum caucasicum 'Little Leo' was my thought.

4 Sep, 2023


Santivalia ?

4 Sep, 2023


i think Santivalia a better match. Doronicum is a spring flowerer and the flower's are 'looser'

4 Sep, 2023


Oh sorry, it should be Sanvitalia lol that's what you get for rushing :D

4 Sep, 2023


Thank you all. I have made a note of Sanvitalia. That name does ring a bell from last year. They are bright little things & so easy.

5 Sep, 2023


Melampodium ("Butter Daisy") ?

7 Sep, 2023


Just looked up your id, but I think that Sanvitalia procumbens is the correct one. Ty for your input, it made me look up both of them.

8 Sep, 2023

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