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Can anyone ID this plant? Looks like a tree to me but I can’t get close enough.
Another question on the same subject: how can I control the trees from next door? She apparently “likes her privacy” and is not approachable. Half the time the house is empty anyway but all her greenery is preventing afternoon sunshine getting to us.

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tree leaf looks cherry like but could well be wrong. does it flower?

As for the over hanging shrubs etc. You can legally cut back any overhanging bits that are inside your boundary. But you are meant to offer them back to her. All you can do is politely ask her to reduce them. Sadly there is no right to light

21 Sep, 2023


Could be a Horse Chestnut sapling but only a guess.

21 Sep, 2023


the leaf is wrong for horse chestnut. that is usually five leaflets like a hand. the tree looks more like a sweet chestnut but I am not sure.

21 Sep, 2023

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