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By Sunbeam

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi help with camellia please
My camellia is in a pot and had been looking quite happy
It has lots of buds but some of the
the leaves have gone yellow and the plant generally
doesn’t look as well. It is in a pot on the shady side of the garden. I’ve watered during the summer with Miraclegro
Please can you tell me what I’m doing wrong




losing the odd leaf is normal but it is showing signs of lack of magnesium. Give it some epsom salts a teaspoon in a litre of water. Or use a feed specifically designed for camellias and rhododendrons.

21 Sep, 2023


Looks as if it needs an acid feed Sunbeam.The pot may be too small also.

22 Sep, 2023


Thank you very much both. I’ve got some camellia food it’s little granules. Is this ok for this time of year and is it ok to repot now or should I leave it till spring ?

22 Sep, 2023


Those sound ideal...perhaps better to repot in Spring with some fresh compost .

22 Sep, 2023


Thank you - that’s a good plan

22 Sep, 2023

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