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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Not a question, a recommendation. I was advised to grow Craigella tomatoes this year, and was so pleased I did. I grew 6 in my greenhouse and were easily the best I’ve ever grown. Only 1 had black spot , no greenback, a huge crop and a great taste.



well that is good to know for next year. Are they a salad or cherry type Hank?

28 Sep, 2023


SBG, I just looked them up, seems it's Ailsa Craig in everything but minus Greenback

29 Sep, 2023


Salad. As I understand it It’s a Heritage tomato, on average just over 2 inches diameter, great taste and doesn’t have the hard part top centre as do some toms. Cost of a packet of 30 seeds was £2.29 last year.

29 Sep, 2023


Oops, my son who grew the toms this year says there were more 3inch diameters than I said

29 Sep, 2023

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