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Blue flower I.D. please. I saw an East facing border full of this plant and would love to grow it in my garden.




Looks like a Ceratostigma plumbago Shirley.May be wrong...

30 Sep, 2023


Yes you are dead right, hardy plumbago. I would go for Ceratostigma griffithii which forms a sizeable shrub. Ceratostigma plumbaginoides is a herbaceous perennial who's leaves turn red or purple in autumn. But beware, it spreads underground and can be very invasive. I've just finished digging it up!

30 Sep, 2023


Ah,I didn't know it was a thug Jimmy. I have the one which has very light green leaves.

30 Sep, 2023


I have Ceratostigma griffithii which I purne lightly but the Ceratostigma plumbaginoides I have potted up and given to a couple of neighbours but with the warning.

30 Sep, 2023


This is a very timely question because on our last visit to a town's Park they had a number of similar flower shrubs grown as a "standard" and I was just going to post a question. Thank you.

30 Sep, 2023


Ceratostigma, very pretty. I've got one Siris sent me a root of a few years ago and it's coming into flower now. I keep it in a pot.

30 Sep, 2023


Sorry I'm late to reading these replies. All more than helpful.

30 Sep, 2023


We had C. wilmottianum which has an award of merit as a garden plant. Paler blue than the one shown.

30 Sep, 2023


That is the one we have Owl...for a few years it disappeared completely and then suddenly saw a sprig of it.Not so hardy here though.

1 Oct, 2023


Mine are C. willmottianum too … not only a pretty flower, but lovely autumn leaf colour as well.

2 Oct, 2023


We also have a pink flowered version as well.

3 Oct, 2023

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