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Hi can anyone shed any light on what this plant is and how best to grow it. It flowered about Sept and is still in full bloom. I've asked the owners of the garden but they've only recently moved in and couldn't help me.




It could be a Caryopteris, but I'm stabbing in the dark really, judging by the little amount of foliage I can see - a photo of the whole plant (if its Caryopteris, it's a deciduous shrub and therefore is woody at the base) so we can see the size and growth habit, and preferably a pic the right way up, would be useful.

12 Oct, 2010


I think it might be Salvia uliginosa.....(sp). Is it tall?

12 Oct, 2010


The flowers do look a bit salvia like, I agree, Spritz

12 Oct, 2010


S. uliginosa it looks like to me. Phil J

12 Oct, 2010

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