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This used to be a lovely Viburnum opulus, but was attacked by something this year, and we cut it back. Is it worth waiting for recovery next Spring, or should I just dig it out?

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Hello i Think this is Viburnham leaf miner/beetle {shothole}, i come across this quite often, some years are worse than others, you could spray it with Bugclear, its really good i dont like useing sprays etc but in my job sometimes i have to, also i have been vey brutal with this type of Viburnham by cutting them right back in the spring, before long they will throw up lots more folliage, you do not need to dig it out. julien.

12 Oct, 2010


Agree with Julien, definitely been attacked by Viburnum Beetle - use an appropriate spray next year, starting probably in April - this pest overwinters as eggs on the branches.

12 Oct, 2010


Many thanks, Julien and Bamboo. Ok, I will be patient.

12 Oct, 2010


And I thought it was all the fashion to have plants that you could see through ;-s

13 Oct, 2010

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