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Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope 2024 brings you everything you wish for!
Could anybody please identify this INDOOR plant. You can either have it trailing or train it up a moss pole.
I know requests like this are usually for outdoor plants but I have looked all over the place and cannot find it in my indoor plants book.




I believe it is called Philodendron scandens.

16 Jan, 2024


That's what I think it is too. Daughter has one trailing off the bookcase.

16 Jan, 2024


Thanks both of you. I have also come up with devil's ivy or pothos but I stand to be corrected.

Mine has variegated leaves.

I have also taken several cuttings from it and given them as presents! It is a very quick grower.

16 Jan, 2024


I was going to suggest Pothos.

16 Jan, 2024


Thanks, Cottagekare. I was veering towards that myself but there is a similarity.

16 Jan, 2024


Happy New Year to you too, Joan! I haven't a clue about your plant but it looks lovely!

17 Jan, 2024


Thanks all of you. I was hoping for a definitive answer! However, you will be pleased to know that whatever they are, I have a few to give away. If you are in the South Ealing area of west London, please make contact in order to take one away. They grow very quickly and are very attractive both for the home and office!

13 Feb, 2024

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