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can the type of fly killer made from plants that kills the insects bye effecting there nervous system very very lightly sprayed away from house plants in a very well ventilated room have a diabollicle effect on the plants .
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No idea, but interesting question. I never use fly sprays myself - I use hairspray which gums their wings, makes them drop then you get rid however you like. You can be assured they will have well coiffed hair wherever they end up ! ! I'm looking forward to a real answer to your question.

13 Oct, 2010


Shouldn't do, Nosey, but it does depend on the active ingredient - if its a pyrethrum or something, it's fine.

13 Oct, 2010


thank you bamboo much apreciated x .

13 Oct, 2010


great idea to silverbell at least they die with a decent parting lol x .

13 Oct, 2010


Ha! Ha! Very good nosey - wish I'd thought of that line myself. If there's no copyright on it I'll remember the line for future use.

Now i'm going to find out about the spray you're talking about.

13 Oct, 2010


lol x .

13 Oct, 2010

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