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By Susang

United Kingdom Gb

how can l make better dainage for grass garden area
as the grass and earth is very soft and wet



Use a garden fork to spike the lawn to a depth of 4-6 inches at 6 inch intervals to improve the drainage. ( It is very hard work so do a bit at a time)

You can also buy a tool which has hollow tubess which leaves hole in the turf wide enough to fill with horticultural sand which should create more permanent drainage

13 Oct, 2010


Susan, you have my sympathies, I have the same problem in areas of my lawn. In my case there is soil compaction under the topsoil and as I have clay soil, it is quite difficult to sort out. Anchorman has given you the answer really, it's hard work, but it is worth it. I would definitely go for the horticultural sand if you can get the tool...there are also companies that specialise in doing this work if you can't do it yourself.

14 Oct, 2010

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