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The mystery creature is back againCan anyone tell me what is doing this to me lawn please?

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

The mystery creature is back again

Can anyone tell me what is doing this to my lawn please? It happened a year ago and now again recently.




Badger or a fox, both shoving their snouts in looking for worms. Are you in an open rural aspect where badgers could be?
if more urban then I'd say fox.

11 Feb, 2024


I'm in a small town in Dunstable.I guess either could come from the Downs though. I don't hear any Foxes sounds though. They are becoming more brazen.A friend lives on a small estate jn Stratford upon Avon and has one in her garden at night.

12 Feb, 2024


Crikey - that’s some serious earthworm searching going on there! Badger or Fox I’d guess. Do you know anyone with a Trail Camera that could be set up in the garden?

14 Feb, 2024


Your lawn looks the same as mine, does this year for the first time , terrible damage. I’m told that the wood we back onto has a badger sett and they come into our garden under any fences that may have a weak area, usually under the fence. I have had it pointed out to me that they look like badgers claws disturbing the earth in order to get through.

14 Feb, 2024


@Lemnos Ah so that's the culprit. Can you block where they are getting through. I live in a cul du sac not near any woods. They would have to actually saunter along the street to get access to my front garden Lol.

@muddywaters No I dont know anyone that could set up a trail camera. I'm wondering if the neighbour across the rd has a doorbell camera and could maybe spot it.

15 Feb, 2024

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