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By Fluff

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Hubby has been shown this toadstool in the grass near where he works ... he's asked if any of you know what it is?




It may be one I know as 'Fairy's bonnet'. Google it, that might help. The pic shows old caps. When new they're more convex. Phil J

14 Oct, 2010


Thanks Phil ... the photo came out blurred for some reason.

I will Google them ... thanks again! :o)

(Just met your spider on your pics! Ooer!)

14 Oct, 2010


Hi Fluff,

There are many species of UK fungi that look pretty similar to this, so it's a bit difficult to ID without a clearer pic or two. Having said that they could well be one of the species of Inkcap (Coprinus species) but they could equally be one of the Bonnets (Mycena species), as Phil suggests or one of the Pinkgills (Entoloma species)

18 Oct, 2010


Thanks so much Ilex ... yes I've been looking at fungi this last week & you're right ... there are several that look like this. I'll maybe have to go & take a butchers myself & take the mushroom identity book with me!! :o))

18 Oct, 2010

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