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Yellowing leaves on an Eleagnus ebbingei. This shrub was planted in 2013 and has suddenly developed many yellow leaves. Anything to do with all the wet weather or another cause please. The small fruits look healthy enough though.

On plant Eleagnus ebbingei

Dsc03544eleagnus Dsc03545fruits



As most of the damage is in one spot, then it could be the cold winds. They don't like to be in wet, sodden situation but seeing that it has survived for many years, I would wait until Springtime and review the situation.

16 Feb, 2024


Many thanks Jimmy. I shall keep a close eye on it.

16 Feb, 2024


I am inclined to agree with Jimmy. wait and see. Glad about the other shrub [Lonicera]

16 Feb, 2024


Thanks Eileen, it is raining yet again so the poor shrub will not be happy, nor will I !!

17 Feb, 2024

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