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Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

please can you identifie this plant. I think it could be a Ville De Lion but am not sure. thankyou.




This is a Vinca (Periwinkle). There is a red flowered Clematis called 'Ville de Lyon' but this is not it.

15 Oct, 2010


I agree with Fractal, its definately a Periwinkle.It has a mauve flower.

16 Oct, 2010


Yes, definitely Vinca, but quite surprising if it hasn't yet flowered. If it's in a basket(?) that's not a bad idea!

16 Oct, 2010


Yes - sure is a Vinca and what a good idea in a basket - must try that as they can be very invasive!!! If it is fed - it won't flower much - if at more feed and flowers should appear next year! I have masses of it and it grows through my avenue gravel - even being run over by the car when it grows too long - and it flowers non-stop...LOL

16 Oct, 2010


sorrey for late thankyou but am still finding my way around Goy. Thankyou fracktal, Alzheimer, Sheilabub, and Linsuffolk, for your very kind identification. Tony

21 Feb, 2011

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