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Please can someone tell me how to care for the plants around my pond area during the winter months. Do I add layers of compost over the crowns of my plants or cover them in bark. I have worked so hard on my wildlife area I don't want to loose any plants.



It depends on which plants they are, Great. Could you tell us, please, so that we can advise you better?

16 Oct, 2010


Canterbury bells, elephants ears lol re your blog; grasses, fuschias, fern, lavender, auberitia, cocosonia, box hedge, corn marigolds, astibiles etc

16 Oct, 2010


Let's list them:

Canterbury bells shouldn't need any protection.
Bergenia are evergreen. No protection needed. (haha)
Grasses - only a few need protection e.g. Pennisetum. Leave and cut back in spring.
Lavender - leave it alone as long as you've dead-headed it. Trim a little in spring.
Fuchsias. If they're not hardy, take them into a frost-free place for the winter. Hardy ones can stay there and be cut back when new shoots appear in spring.
Fern. Hardy. leave alone.
Aubrieta - don't cover this! It'll rot! It's hardy.
Crocosmia. Hardy. Pull off the dead leaves when they are ready to come off easily.
Box hedge. Hardy.
Corn marigolds. ???? Annuals???
Astilbes. Will vanish under the soil and pop up next spring. Hardy.

Etc. Don't know it this is hardy? LOL.

16 Oct, 2010


Thank you so much spritz for your detailed list. Etc really meant anyone I forgot haha. As for the marigolds , yeah guess there seeds are dispursed all over the place by now. Will have loads if Im lucky next year.

16 Oct, 2010


You're welcome. Sorry about the typo! The 'it' in the last sentence should have said 'if'.

If you do think of any more 'Etc' plants, do please ask...

I like plants that seed themselves. :-)))

16 Oct, 2010

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