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Thanks for the replies, folks. Just planted a wisteria 'black dragon' any idea on pruning, she's around 7 feet tall and has old flowers on.



I found this in the GOYpedia (at the bottom of the page) under "W" for wisteria....there is more information about wisteria if you'd like more.....

Here's one I cut & pasted for you (it's from a member....
Linda235.... (quote):

You prune it in February, cut back all growth s to within 2 or 3 buds of the base of last years growth. To control also cut the seasons young growth to within 5 or 6 buds of its base early in July. I always do both. If it is big it is necessary.

Hope that is some help to you, Welshange. :)

17 Oct, 2010

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