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I have created a small meadow in a field we have which is abut an acre but we couldn't mow it untill now as it's been really wet all summer, we live in Wales on an exposed hill, now we have cut it can we leave it to lay there untill spring to protect the plants & seeds below it from our hard frosts as the machine won't pick it up and it would take days to go in with a hand rake and get it up.



One of the facts of good meadows is that the soil is not fed and this encourages wild flowers without too much competition from the grasses. Leaving the cut hay on the meadow will act as 'food' for the grasses and they will be stronger. To get the best meadow you will need to remove the clippings. Think of it as an outdoor gym!!

18 Oct, 2010


Leaving the grass lying will prevent the light reaching the plants beneath and will eventually kill them. I think that you should try and remove the grass.

18 Oct, 2010


As it dries you may be able to spread it out with a good blower, as said above it will lay damp and cause mildew etc.

18 Oct, 2010

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