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By Wendiam

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

How can I propogate bears britches?
I have this plant in my garden that took 4 years to produce it's first flower spike and this year (year 6) has produced 2 and is looking quite spectacular. We are selling up and moving South and I would like to take a cutting or harvest some seeds.
Does anyone know how best to do this and when?



You can divide the plant in spring or Bears Breeches is easily propogated by root cuttings done between November and February when the plants dormant, just clear the soil around the roots and find pieces of root around pencil thickness insert 2-3 inch pieces in gritty compost so the tops around 1inch below soil surface, cover with grit and wait for them to sprout, you must make sure the cuttings are the right way up though the top being the end nearest the parent plant as they won't root upside down, good luck :-)

18 Oct, 2010


Thank you Simbad - if I had known that a few years ago, I could have had a few more of this wonderful plant. Hopefully will get some root cuttings going before we move (not sold yet, though). Cannot split the plant as there is only one with two flower spikes!! Can I put the root cuttings in an unheated greenhouse over winter?

18 Oct, 2010


Yes Wendiam unheated greenhouse is perfect, may be springtime before you notice new growth, good luck with selling your house :-)

18 Oct, 2010

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