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I bought 2 Begonia Red Robin some while ago. One has died and the other just about hanging on. I can't seem to find the right place in the house for it. So far its been on a west facing window that is partly shaded by a house. Can anyone advise where its will be happiest. They are a lovely house plant and would be dissapointed if I couldn't grow it to its full potential.



Fussy little beggar, this one - I had it years ago, but couldn't find the right spot for it to do well either.
Extracts from my houseplant bible re this plant:
Light: bright spot away from direct sunlight, although a few hours of morning or evening sun are beneficial in winter. Turn pots occasionally.
Water - compost should be kept moist from spring to autumn - allow surface to dry between waterings. Water sparingly in winter.
Humidity: Moist air essential - stand in a pebble tray with water (but not so the plant pot's standing in water), mist surrounding air, but never wet the leaves of the plant.
Temperature - average warmth, min 60 deg F in winter.
Keep away from heat sources such as radiators etc.

18 Oct, 2010


Thanks Bamboo,
re light thats a yes I think I have it in the right spot,
re the water, I thought I was overwatering it and so kept the soil on the dry side, so I maybe wasn't correct with how to water it.
Didn't mist. Its in a pot, I will put some pebbles in the bottom as at times it was standing in water.
Temp seems about right.
It has grown three leaves but then seem to die off.
Have looked on tinternet and the good growers seem to grow in the greenhouse in summer but I was wanting to keep it in the house to see its beauty.

18 Oct, 2010


right, need to ask you a couple of things from your response
1. has the pot its growing in got drainage holes? If not, repot into one that has.
2. if you have something to catch the water like an outer pot or tray, always empty it after half an hour - no plant should be left standing in water.
3. By pebble tray, they mean a flat, open container like a tray that's at least 1 inch bigger all round than the pot the plant is in - you place pebbles in it, balance the pot on top of the pebbles, and fill the tray with water so the pebbles are half sitting in it, but sticking out at the top. This evaporates and moistens the air around the plant, without actually wetting it, and you keep topping it up as it evaporates. Alternatively, use a small, open container placed behind the plant so you can't see it, keep it topped up with water - this will help to keep the air moist round the plant, though not as good as a proper pebble tray.

18 Oct, 2010

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