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hello all, help, I grew some dahlias in pots this year, they were lovely, but now, they are past their best, and I need to take them out of their pots, I notice the soil is still damp, as i pulled one out, I have cut the tops of down to approx six inches, do I now leave them to dry out, and then put them away, or, do I try and pull out the damp soil, so they dont go mouldy, thank you for your help



Empty them out of the pots, clean off any soil and leave the tubers upside down in a tray of sand (preferably) to dry out. Once they are dried (a week probably) pot up in sand or sand and peat/compost mix and keep somewhere frost free over winter. Pot up properly in fresh compost in spring next year to start them into growth.

18 Oct, 2010

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