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Apple tree in bloom in October

Is this something strange, something to do with climate change, perhaps? Does anybody else have an apple tree that is blooming in October?




More common in pear trees but it does happen with apples too. Usually happens if there is a dry spell earlier in the year followed by a wet later part of the summer and early autumn.

19 Oct, 2010


and the light levels are similar to spring too just to add to the plants 'mixed' messages. So as fractal says not that unusual. pretty at any time of year

19 Oct, 2010


Obviously not an uncommon thing as there are lots of superstitions about it happening and what it signifies. Most of them date from a time before 'climate change' was even thought about.

20 Oct, 2010


Thanks everyone for your replies. :-))

Your description of the climate seems to fit the patten of the weather this year.

I showed the tree to Gerry when he came down with some sheets of bubblewrap for the greenhouse & holders to fix it in place.

He did seem a little surprised but as he said there is no chance of any apples growing on the tree though! :-((

The flowers certainly are pretty! The tree was absolutely covered in blossom in the spring but it only produced two small apple at the top of the tree. as it is still a very young tree that didn't surprise me very much.

Owdbuggy, I don't know of any superstitions related to this theme, could you enlighten us with a couple of examples?

20 Oct, 2010


Well you asked.
There was a belief that a second blooming especially if there was fruit on the apple tree at the same time, was a portend of a death in the family.

20 Oct, 2010


....and I have walked under many a ladder and lived to tell the tale :-)

20 Oct, 2010


The only two apples the tree produced fell off without us noticing them! Some months ago. So we needn't worry about that superstition.

Thanks, Owdboggy!

Fractal, I've walked under a few ladders in my time but not without looking up to see if there might be a potential danger first! Not superstitious myself any longer. Was when a boy in London but must have grown out of it at some time.

21 Oct, 2010


Glad to hear it!

21 Oct, 2010

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