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Having recently purchased a lovely Chinese Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus henryana) which had lots of very beautiful red leaves on diplay, within a week most of the leaves have fallen - is this usual? If so, what can I expect it to do next and is there anything I should be doing with it to help??



All Virginia Creepers drop their leaves in autumn.

21 Oct, 2010


Just wait until the spring, and hopefully you'll see new growth appearing. Mine has lost all its leaves, too.

21 Oct, 2010


And mine...

21 Oct, 2010


Thank you for your replies - I don't feel I have done anything wrong now - I am a very novice gardener! Many thanks again.

22 Oct, 2010


I'm sure you didn't - and it'll be lovely next year!

22 Oct, 2010

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