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By Davr

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Can a hydranga be lifted and transferred into another part of my garden at this time of the year, or should it be done at a different period in the year
It still has the flowers showing although some are now turning to look like brown mop heads?



Yes, as long as your soil isn't water-logged or frozen. Don't cut the flower heads off - they protect the new shoots in the winter.

21 Oct, 2010


Prepare a hole big enough to take your Hydrangea, dig round it, lift it out on a sheet of polythene, carry it to the hole, replant firmly. Use your feet to firm it in, water. Do not cut any parts back even the mopheads until April when you should give it a spring feed.

21 Oct, 2010


Spritzhenry & Doctorbob1

Many thanks for your comments, which
have been noted and will be acted on accordingly.

regards to you both,


PS: Out of curiosity Spritzhenry, which
part of the Country do you reside.



22 Oct, 2010


I'm in West Somerset, Davr.

22 Oct, 2010



Thanks for your reply, I think it nice to know where people live,
who take the time to answer questions.

Living in Lancashire I know is mostly a different climate
to that of yours.

kind regards,


23 Oct, 2010


Hallo Davr - if you pass your cursor over the member's avatar (photo), then you'll see where they live, as well as when they joined GoY. Otherwise, you can always go to their home page and read their profile.

Yes, I'm in a mild-ish area here. I'm sure it's very different to yours!

23 Oct, 2010

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