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hello everyone i hope your all well . i have an acer with what a friend sais is mealy bug . its under the leaves and looks a little like little drops of cotton wool i guess . there is an acer tree with signs of it on it and 2 other acers near it thow they dont look like its got hold of them yet . i was hoping someone could firstly verify that this is mealy bug and considering everything what is the best way of curing this problem please . thank you .




Might be scale infestation, specially if these are on the woody stems as well. Should be an ovoid object underneath all that fluff if it is.

22 Oct, 2010


Woolly aphid. When the leaves fall, most of them will go too. There are sprays and treatments to use now, but I'd use a very weak solution of washing up liquid to wash them off. It is effective. They ought to be removed, because their long term presence can cause damage to the tree. There are aphis specific to fruit trees, beech trees, and others. If they're just on the leaves, that's a good thing, and a jetting off with the hose will probably be all that's needed. The do overwinter in bark cracks, but that's more usually on old apple trees, and other fruit trees where their workings can make the tree prone to canker. Phil

22 Oct, 2010


excuse my ignorance does ovoid mean alive bamboo ? im guessing it does .
there arnt many on the bark but there are some on the verrigated acer tree but not on the shrubs . there is concrete for them to fall on when the leaves drop .
im glad i asked as my friend was wrong . i will take your advice thank you . is there a product i can use that you water the plant with that protects from within as i cant see how i can hose the tree of properly as its as tall as my house at least and grows over my acer shrubs please ? thank you so much for your advice . take care bye for now .

23 Oct, 2010


No, Nosey, it refers to the shape, sorry - so sort of oval, but small.

24 Oct, 2010


ok thanx bamboo x.

24 Oct, 2010

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