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I successfuly transplanted an e. lathyris from cambridgeshire (where it grows wild in abundance on sandy soils) to West Yorks. I kept it in a pot, in a very sandy mix of compost & sand. It went on to seed, but as yet I've not been able to germinate any seed. Any suggestions, please

On plant Euphorbia lathyris



Most peculiar. The mole plant's usual problem, at least in a warm area, is not that it won't germinate but that it germinates too readily. At what temperature did you keep the pot? They like it on the warm side and they like it damp but of course not standing in water. In areas like California they self seed like mad, not that I am suggesting that W. Yorks and CA are similar. Can you think of anything 'peculiar' that you did? They are self fertilising but was the seed fully ripe. I'm baffled.

23 Oct, 2010

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