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By Elvira

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I have a Heliopsis growing in my garden - I think it must have come from the bird seed I give to our birds as I certainly didn't plant it. Or maybe it came from the compost I used. Had no idea what it was - it suddenly started to grown in a container full of Agapanthus!

I took a piece to my local garden centre - they identified it as Heliopsis. My plant is about 7-8ft high and has many flowers. Looks lovely - will it seed itself? I do hope so! Any suggestions on how to propogate it would be very useful.

Elva Brabham

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Any chance of a picture?

23 Oct, 2010


Thanks Fractal - I am so sorry I don't have a picture of the Heliopsis plant - regrettably I did not get back from holiday until it had almost finished flowering. However, it was about 7-8ft tall, had many branches growing out from the main stem and each branch had lots of small branches with many flowers- each about one-half inches in diameter - flowers just like sunflowers. It had quite large leaves.
Sorry I can't be more specific but if it has seeded itself and flowers this year I will certainly take photos and post one on here.

I also collected lots of seeds from it so shall try and propagate those myself.

11 Mar, 2011


Sounds like one of the perennial Sunflowers such as Helianthus 'Lemon Queen' rather than any Heliopsis which are much shorter in height.

11 Mar, 2011

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