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I have been given an orchid that has already flowered. The leaves are fairly big and look healthy enough, but I noticed there seems to be a white coloured discharge around the base of the leafs... I have googled orchid problems but I can not seem to see anything that refers to these symptoms. I really do not want to get rid of the orchid, but don't know how best to cure it?




Could you upload a photo?

24 Oct, 2010


Fuzzy white stuff? Maybe mealybugs?

25 Oct, 2010


Hi there, thanks for your replies, I have uploaded a photo now... what do you think?

30 Oct, 2010


Looks like mealybugs! Safest would be a combination of a organic soap and pyrethrins. If that fails, get out the big guns: A non-ionic surfactant and carbaryl mixed together, and don't spray it in the house! Best to take the plant outside to spray it.

30 Oct, 2010


Thanks very much Tugbrethil... can I get pyrethrins at a garden centre...? apologies... I am very new to plants and gardening!

30 Oct, 2010


Most garden centers should have it, but probably already in a ready-to-use spray bottle. Just put several drops of organic dish soap into the bottle, make sure the spray is turned off, and shake it up before spraying. You will probably want to go on an inspection tour of your other plants before you start spraying, though: mealybugs rarely affect just one plant, and the pyrethrins will only have a shelf life of a few days after the soap is added.

31 Oct, 2010

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