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A few questions. I purchased this salvia from the bargain bucket at B&Q, cost £3.49. Its in an 8in pot.
1, Is it a bargain ?
2, What is the name ?
3, Should it be planted out now or wait till spring?
4, Should I cut it back now,.... or when ?
5, Leave in greenhouse for winter or outside ?
Thanks all.

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Hallo Littlelegs.

1) Yes, that's a great price!
2) Probably Salvia greggii 'Raspberry Royale'
3) I'd wait until spring now, if you have a sheltered place or a cool greenhouse to keep it in.
4)Don't cut it back until spring, and then, only a gentle trim to remove dead bits.

A lovely plant, which should be hardy once it's established, but sometimes in hard weather dies back to its roots, which is why I'd leave planting until spring. :-)))

24 Oct, 2010


Yes, very good price Littlelegs. I bought one two weeks ago for £4.99, which is still a good price for such a great shrub. Mine looks very like yours, but is labelled 'Icing Sugar' - love that pink! I've planted mine, but in a sheltered spot, cos the label says Half-hardy. I have another similar Salvia (slightly redder flowers) which is still covered in flowers, and has flowered ALL summer; also, cuttings root very easily. I give it a gentle prune in Spring, just dead or very thin bits. You chose well.

25 Oct, 2010


Thanks Spritz and Sheila. :o)))

25 Oct, 2010


I posted a close-up of 'Icing Sugar' last week. Take a look and see if yours is the same....'Raspberry Royale' has deeper pink flowers.

25 Oct, 2010

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