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Hi I have a climbing rose i planted early summer. I know not to prune it for 2years, but it has sent a strong shoot up from the stem. do i cut it off



Not really. Bend it down slightly and tie it in to the support structure (trellis, wall etc). This will encourage it to bear more flowers as the sap won't rush upwards so quickly. With climbing roses you should be aiming to create a framework of branches that will have the flowers. From time to time you may need to cut a branch right out to encourage new growth from low down. Remember to mulch the rose over winter and give it some rose food in spring as growth starts.

25 Oct, 2010


I answered this question earlier - have you now joined us and asked it again? If so - welcome to GoY.

Luckily, my answer didn't disagree with Volunteer's!

25 Oct, 2010


Tanks Volunteer and Spitzhenry. Sorry for the stammer

26 Oct, 2010


No problem, Squirrelhall. :-))

26 Oct, 2010

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