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Opinions, please, on fleecing Cordylines...both green and red varieties...NOW!

Bear with me,I know lots of people have asked about protecting cordylines already BUT is it too soon to tie them up/ cover them? I've never done so before...but lost one large one last am rather anxious not to repeat the experience!

We've had frosty nights a couple of times recently but the forecast is very wet and mild for the next few days. If I do cover them and then we have a prolonged mild, damp spell, will they suffer if continuously wrapped up? I don't want/don't have have to keep wrapping/removing protection!

LOL...."The lady frets too much!" perchance?



Well, a couple of nights of cold aren't going to kill them - it's really when we get into late November onwards that the problem arises, and in particular from mid December through to end of Feb, and I'd only tie and fleece if I knew the weather was going to be really cold for a good week or more. But even so, should it turn suddenly balmy for a week or two, you should really remove the fleece, even in midwinter...

25 Oct, 2010


Ok, Bamboo.Thank you. Will focus more on watching the temperatures as the weeks progress....don't want them to rot either! I really hate venturing out there on the cold, dark nights after school though!

25 Oct, 2010


i tend to tie them up and fleece around the growing tip leaving leaves sticking out the top so they can still photosynthasise which does work for me .

25 Oct, 2010


Thank you, Noseypotter. I thought they had to be completely covered! It pays to ask...!LOL.

26 Oct, 2010


no there reasnably hardy and you will notice a lot of the cordalines that have been about years managed the winter easely without any help .

26 Oct, 2010

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