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Polygala Myrtifolia pollination.
During a recent "conversation" with Alexandramou on one of my recent photos, it's emerged that neither of us have seed pods developing on our Polygala. Now I realise that it's entirely possible that the plant has been doctored to be sterile.
However as I'd like to see if I can get some seeds, I need help identifying the "bits"!
Number 1 in the photo is just a curiosity - am I correct in assuming that these are the stunted petals that are discussed?
My main question though is are nos 2 and 3 the reproductive organs, and do I rely on the brush method, or are there any other methods? I have found out that they have bilocular ovaries, so as you can gather, I am a bit out of my depth!
All advice appreciated.




I don't know anything about this specific plant, Meanie, but from the picture I would suggest that (2) is the pollen bearing stamen and (3) is the pollen receiving stigma. I am guessing that your picture is a diagram from some text rather than a photo of your own plant. Does your plant have pollen?
If you don't get any better advice than this then I would just swing the paintbrush around within the open flower and hope for the best - you can't do any harm.

25 Oct, 2010


Thank you Bulbaholic - it's a photo of my flower that I edited the text and squiggles onto.
I googled this, and came up with a fair few scientific studies into this very subject, but sadly, it was all gobbledygook to me.
The pollen appears to be microscopic (I read similar), although the tips of the stamen have taken on a slight reddish tint over the last 24 hours.
Thanks for your response! I would just like to get some seeds if possible to satisfy myself!

25 Oct, 2010

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